Wednesday, December 24, 2008

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A number of groups started by Students Against Climate Change, Toronto Mining Support Group and/or Paul York ...

- Includes: Indict Bush, Harper & fossil fuel CEOs for crimes against humanity & nature

- TD's Go Green Challenge is greenwash

- Toronto Mining Support Group

- Students Against Climate Change

- Resistance to gold mining in Latin America

- Good books, films and websites on the environmental and economic crisis


Events in January ...

Free showing of Out of Balance - Exxon Mobil's Impact on Climate Change, Jan. 9th

Free showing of Sharkwater, Jan. 15th

Free showing of Rio Blanco and talk on community resistance to extraction industries

Benefit concert for horse refuge in Ontario


So much has happened since the last entry it's hard to know where to begin. We started Toronot Mining Support Group, did protests in solidarity with several different indigenous communities fighting open-pit mining, hosted a lecture against nuclear energy with Dr. Edwards, showed numerous films, hosted Bob Lovelace (incredible!), co-organized the student conference on climate change, and much much more. It's impossible to recount it all right now. And there is so much coming up! January is going to be very busy, with numerous films, lectures and climate change and community resistance and solidarity events. We'll keep you posted! - Paul