Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Meeting Agenda for Friday July 13th

Both students and non-students are invited to attend the next SACC meeting this Friday:

Friday, July 13th 2007 (for those who are not superstitious!) Time: 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at Wordsworth College, Rm. 101 119 St. George Street (east side, south of Bloor, north of Harbord) Rm 101 is the student lounge, north side of building, 1st floor (big sofa chairs) Non-students interested in fighting climate change are welcome as well.

*** Everyone who attends gets a free full-length movie on the enviroment on DVD! ***

Issues on the agenda ...

* Minutes from last meeting

* Discussion on Al Gore's 7 point pledge, what it represents, and how to advance it For background info:

* Report on air conditioning action on Yonge St. by SAAC, and the Closed Doors campaign For background info: Vote on whether to actively participate in Closed Doors campaign in a systematic fashion.

* Report on forums beings organized by SACC for Environment Week in September: (1) Power to Choose: A Citizen's Forum on Ontario's Energy Future, and (2) Global Warming Solutions: A Citizen's Forum on Climate Change Note: SACC is the main organizer for these two events, so your input is needed!

* Update on organizing efforts at UTS, UTM and St. George campuses

* Report on recent alliance with Canadian Youth Climate Coalition. Info on CYCC:

* Report on meeting with renowned expert on climate change, Dr. Harvey. You can enroll in his course:

* SACC support for the Vote Green Energy campaign against nuclear and coal power and FOR 100% renewables. See for details.

* Other issues: community garden at U of T? Films? Other ideas and initiatives?


Recogitare said...

Your organization is based in Canada, so surely you must have seen this documentary shown on CBC News World on why global warming is almost certainly not human induced, but a naturally occurring cycle.

Paul said...

I'm glad that this climate change denier left a message. George Monbiot's "Heat" contains a valuable section on climate change denial, showing how it is funded by the oil industry. Of course much climate change is naturally occurring, but our concern is with anthrogenic (man-made) climate change, and there is a massive body of peer-reviewed scientific evidence to show that it is anthrogenic. The claims by the small number of scientists (most of whom are paid by coal and oil lobbyists) is not peer-reviewed and therefore has no scientific weight. Yet members of the public contiue to be fooled by the denial misinformation and continue to delay necessary politial and social action to address the problem. Some climate change deniers are clearly doing evil work if you consider that the delays are costing the lives of people in Africa and poorer nations, robbing future generations of their right to live in a stable climate and contributing to the unecessary mass extinction of species worldwide.