Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Harper continues to refuse to abide by Kyoto

Prime Minister Harper sounded positively green at the recent G8 summit, but reverted to his old ways when a Liberal MP managed to pass a bill requiring the government to start complying with Kyoto, in accordance with international law and Canada's commitment to that law. See Harper dismisses Kyoto compliance law as constitutionally impossible

So now, Harper is defying international law (Kyoto), defying the international community (except for the U.S. and Australia, which along with Canada represent the "axis of evil" of climate change), defying the will of the Canadian public (some 90% of whom want compliance with Kyoto), and most importantly defying the moral imperative to act in a responsible manner.

Economically his stand makes no sense (if we look at the Stern Report's tally of the cost of inaction), environmentally it makes no sense, and politically it could cost him the next election. One wonders why he is sticking to his guns? The U.S. oil companies appear to have total control over the PC Party of Canada.

The only good news is that Prof. Laxer's energy security message can be used to good advantage to drive a wedge between the PCs and their traditional line of support. That is why the Tory MPs shut down Parliament when he presented. Endorsing oil nationalization with the condition that oil be phased out as an energy source, in favour of renewables, seems to be a good national energy policy strategy.

The Stop Climate Chaos platform is even more concise and to the point, and worth endorsing:
  • Hard targets and dates for real action on climate change.
  • Action from all levels of government to live up to and surpass Canada's Kyoto obligations.
  • Transparency and accountability from governments and industry to the public.
Ways to get involved:
  1. help organize a public forum on climate change at U of T
  2. put out posters and flyers from SACC to students on this issue and speak to students and teachers you know about it
  3. write a letter to the editor of a newspaper on this issue
  4. organize a petition on campus
  5. help organize towards the Global Day of Action on Climate Change (Dec 8)
  6. write to Harper and cc: opposition MPs
  7. talk to and email everybody you know with this information
  8. other?

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