Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Power to Choose forum - Ontario's energy future

Three SACC reps attended and participated in the Power to Choose forum at Metro Hall held June 23. This was an incredibly informative all-day forum on energy options available to Ontario, other than dirty coal power and unsafe nuclear power.

We heard from World Wildlife Federation (Keith Stewart), Greenpeace (Dave Martin), Ontario Clean Air Alliance (Jack Gibbons), the Green Party, the NDP, Solar Share (Paul Gipe), Energy Action Council of Toronto, environmental lawyer Sarah Dover, Conservation Council of Toronto, Dr. Dorothy Goldin-Rosenberg, Environmental Commissioner of Ontario Gord Miller, East Toronto Climate Action Group, Stop Climate Chaos, several coops, Post Carbon Toronto (Jeff Berg), Ontario Electricity Coalition, Rod Muir of the Sierra Club's Waste Diversion Campaign, Global Capital Partners, and Ontario Sustainable Energy Association.

SACC regulars Mark Purdon presented an extremely detailed presentation on bio-fuels and Pieter Basedow spoke on energy-efficient retrofits and job creation from renewables (wind and solar) (see Pieter's presentation in the previous post).

At the end of the day it was clear, beyond any doubt, that 100% renewables were necessary and possible for Ontario. Unfortunately, Dalton McGuinty has gone with coal and nuclear and has done so without public consultation.

Furthermore, his emissions plan does not abide by Kyoto standards. That's why some of those present were advancing a non-partisan campaign called "Vote for clean energy," which SACC should be involved in. See Vote for Clean Energy for more information.

There will be a fuller summary of all this on the blog in the near future. We are told that the forum, which was videotaped, will be put on YouTube in the near future.


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