Thursday, October 18, 2007

Warming happening faster than expected

Warming is happening faster than expected because of increased industrial activities around the world. That means the target of 94% emissions cut by 2030 (Monbiot, circa 2005) is no longer good enough. Many are calling for 100% reductions of GHG emissions by 2020. The reality is that barring a miracle we will not acheive it. Another disaster of epic proportions, such as Katrina, will be needed to wake the world out of its stupor enough to DEMAND that governments start acting. Even then it is uncertain if they will act: the media will try to spin the story in a direction consistent with the interests of the wealthy elite that own them, and peaceful mass protests may very well be met with riot police. Greenwash and voluntary measures appear to be the strategy of choice for avoiding mandatory binding targets. Canada and other industrial nations are on a collision course for disaster on several fronts: peak oil, climate change, waste production and natural resource depletion. See

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