Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Climate Day of Action photos

Students at Global Climate Day of Action, in front of Sidney Smith U of T - feeder march organized by a coalition of groups and individuals, including Students Against Climate Change, UTSU, CFS, OPIRG. Special mention goes to Pieter Basedow, Brett Rhyno, Rita Bjons, Susanna Lim, Sharon Howarth, Doug & Paul, and Daniel Tseng, without whom it would not have been possible.

U of T students meet up with Ryerson students at Ryerson U, Dec. 8. CFS and CESAR and Jordan Matchett (Ryerson enviro. collective) helped get students together. U of T and Ryerson students then joined forces and marched to Dundas Square.

Global Climate Day of Action march to Queen's Park. The banner says "Green Energy. Binding Emissions Targets." It was painted by SACC. It shows greenhouse gases trapped in Earth's atmosphere.

12 year old Misha Hamu speaks at the Dec. 8 rally in Toronto on species extinction. About 2,500 people attened the rally, the largest environmental rally in Canada this year.

Eco-fair at Hart House. About 300 people showed up for this. Hot Yam made free vegan food. There were about 20 community groups represented. There was music and speeches. All in all the biggest eco-fair set up volunteers in Toronto this year.

D8 in Germany

D8 in Greece

D8 in China

D8 in Africa

Commentary on Canada's role in obstructing progress at climate talks in Bali. Click on this image to enlarge.

Climate talks have been happening since 1992 (Rio Earth Summit) but little has been accomplished due to obstruction by the U.S. delegations, and now Canada.

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