Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Silkscreen workshop a success

We had about 30 participants over 2 full days at the OPIRG office doing revolutionary and environmental silkscreens with activist clowns / artists Txus and Sarah before they head off to Chiapas Mexico to join the revolution there. Saw many new faces at this event, organized by Brett Rhyno (he is also going away to Australia to learn how to do climate activism on a grand scale - their rallies have 100,000 people). Pieter and Paul made screens against Barrick Gold and climate change and against animal testing. Almuth, an exchange student from Germany, made a screen that contains the German word for the name of the sound of the ocean. She is travelling back to Europe via freighter to avoid the cost of air travel. James, an enivronmentalist from the Kyoto Now, rally made a shirt of a photo of his father holding a French sign in support of Kyoto. Baby's coat got a new design: Animal Peace. All in all, it was a great success.

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