Wednesday, December 12, 2007

D8 rally turned out well but what of the world?

Caption: Bangladesh during flood which killed 5,000 this year (2007).

Caption: while the world's fresh water supply diminishes, Coke gets licenses to tap underground aquifers in Ontario for the small price of $500, put it into bottles and sell it thousands of times above cost. The bottled water industry is criminal, given the world's water problems, but it is sanctioned by public officials at the Ontario Ministry of Environment. For info. on this problem see Inside the Bottle campaign and the petition to Coke. Additionally, Coke contributes to climate change through HFCs for refridgeration.

Our rally got 2,500 people at Dundas Square, followed by a march and another rally at Queen's Park and an eco-fair at Hart House. A full day to be sure, and it got lots of good media coverage. See this site for photos.

Meanwhile Baird is isolated in Bali and being pushed by the international community to adopt binding science-based targets. It is shameful that Canada is part of the "Axis of Evil" on climate change (now Japan, U.S and Canada). Here is an excellent article on the entire state of affairs:

Do these climate talks have effect at all? It seems doubtful.

So the question is "what's next?" We have to keep fighting. What else can we do?

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