Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Eco-friendly Christmas ideas

Caption: collage of Amazon animals endangered by climate change. Scientists estimate that the Amazon will be gone by 2100 A.D. as a result of global warming.

Tips to reduce your ecological impact (send by activist group Prevent Cancer Now).

· If you buy a tree, get it from a grower who does not use pesticides.

· Avoid receiving gifts you don’t want or need by arranging to exchange “Gift Exemption Vouchers” with friends or loved ones.

· Don’t buy gifts that are over-packaged!

· Consider making a donation to a good cause in your friend’s or loved one’s name, or give a membership to an organization you support.

· Give a certificate for a service you can provide – free snow shoveling, gardening, or babysitting are all welcome to over-worked, stressed out friends.

· Don’t be afraid to give second-hand – pass along a book you loved or a funky tea cup you found at a garage sale.

· Support local organic agriculture – give a gift certificate for fresh local produce to a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)Farm or local Food Box Program

· Buy locally produced goods, artwork, and crafts.

· Tickets to a play or concert can help make happy memories.

· Re-use wrapping paper and gift bags, or use a pillow case tied with a ribbon for sweaters or bigger items

· Use LED lights for your decorating

· Thread popcorn and cranberries as decorations that the birds can enjoy after the holidays.

OR [my note] you can just BUY NOTHING! See Buy Nothing Day

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